Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's start summer...

(sneaking quietly back in...hoping you won't notice how long I've been away...)

It's officially summer.  In all the ways that count, we've made it. We survived a parade, school camping trip, promotion (for my eighth graders), graduation (for my very own kindergartener), saying goodbye to friends and teachers, shoving off of early morning rushing, and are now settling into our new routine.  I moved classrooms, and cleaned out the garage. We've had the necessary yard sale and spread almost 7.5 cubic yards of bark dust.  The first sweet peas are appearing in the garden, the kale is huge, and we will get to taste our first homegrown strawberries this afternoon.

That's an awful lot for a mama who likes things simple.

So some things had to be let go along the way - things that are important to me, but weren't viewed as absolutely necessary. I didn't make gifts for the boys' teachers - I used groupons and store-bought cards instead.  We've eaten out more than usual.  And at night I've crashed on the couch, too tired to even pull out the knitting bag.

But now it's time for the fresh start.  The boys and I are following (loosely) a weekly schedule to help us balance the work and the play.  We're lining up play dates and dinner guests and I'm pulling out the favorite summer salad recipes and looking for strawberry desserts. It feels good.

And being back in this space?  It's just what I need.

So, today I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks. After all, all that running around must be good for something, right?

Kindergarten Graduation

Lemonade Stand at our Yard sale

Ready to march in a parade

Parade Preparations (although he sat in the wagon hiding under an umbrella once the parade began)

Playing in the river on our school camping trip

Self Portrait for kindergarten graduation

Max and his amazing guide, Katie

Luke and his wonderful guide, Alicia

Monday, June 6, 2011

The weekend that was...

We've headed full-force into busy summer weekends full of fun.  This past weekend was filled with the farmers market, impromptu concerts from the boys, painting in the kitchen, and a birthday party at a farm.  You know it's been a great weekend when everyone crashes into bed Sunday night with a big smile. 
And it's just the beginning!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The first book...

Tonight, my son read to me.

We'd finished our usual bath/tooth brushing/chart routine, and he ran off to get a book.  You see, every night, we read a story. together.  Usually it's one parent per son, and the boys rotate between us.  It is one of my favorite parts of the day. They choose a story, we find a cuddly spot in the house, and then we curl up to read together.

But tonight...he brought out Olivia. We sat down on the green couch, and I reached for the book. But he didn't hand it to me.  Instead, he said, "Mama, I want to read to you tonight."

My natural inclination was to shout, "Wahoooo!!  That's great buddy!  You'll do a great job!" and make a big deal of it. But this kiddo?  That's too much pressure.  I knew I had to play it cool. So instead, I replied, "Ok."

And he leaned into my shoulder, opened the book, and began to read. Word for word. A couple stumbles and guesses, but almost perfect.  And when he got to the last page, he proclaimed himself too tired to finish.  So I read the last one.

He did it. The eyes were sparkling.  The satisfied, smug look was upon that little face.  And then he raced his brother off to bed.

He's been reading to his little brother in bed for a while now.  And often when we read, he and I will alternate pages.  But this was a first. He came, wanting to read to me.  To me.

And it was amazing.