Friday, May 13, 2011

A sunny afternoon...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, a sunny afternoon in spring is cause for major celebration.  This week has brought us a few of them - joy is running high around here. In our small world, this usually translates to a stop at a park on the way home from school. We can only stay an hour before we need to get home and make dinner, but that simple hour is precious. I look forward to these outings as much as the boys, and never want to forget them.  But, I also don't typically have me big camera (our DSLR) with me, and the point and shoot is just frustrating in what I am not able to capture. And in my world, unphotographed = undocumented = quickly forgotten.

So, today's post is largely for myself.  The opportunity to write down those park moments from this week that I want to hang on to:

Mama and Daddy Geese and their 6 little goslings

  Sliding down the fire pole by himself

Watching out for littler ones on the playground

Freckles appearing on the bridge of his nose

Rolling down the giant hill, then running back up only to do it again

Reading on a bench in the sun

"Will it sink or float?" at the duck pond

Sticks for whacking, throwing, carting home

"I did it!"

Head laying in my lap because he's hungry, and he can't play when he's hungry

Big belly laughs together

Magic spaceship plots and pirate chases 

Gathering acorns

What-if and why and how come?

We love the park.  It brings out the best in each of us.  And speaking of which, it's time to head there now!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've been knitting for a few years now - it's one of my very favorite hobbies.  I love the meditative knit and purl. In the past year I've made hats, booties, sweaters, socks, gloves, and more.  But I've never had as much fun as I have the last couple of months since I got this:

Rebecca Danger has written the most amazing book of monster patterns.  It's been a great way to learn how to "magic loop" and work on seaming and finishing. Plus, they are all so cute and cuddle-worthy.   I've made 3 delightful little ones so far.  Two of them have already left the nest for little babies new to this world.  The third is waiting for a birth.  But here they are:

It's been so much fun.  In fact, I cast on for another one today!  If you are having a baby any time soon, watch out!  The monster population at your house just may be increasing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down the rabbit hole...

Alas, once again I have fallen down the rabbit hole.  Posts that have been written only in my head have been frequent, but committing to sharing them hasn't.  Don't worry - I haven't forgotten you, and deeply appreciate that anyone takes time out of their busy days to read my thoughts.

It's pointless to say that life has been busy.  It is that way for all of us.  And it seems like we are all waiting for that time just around the corner when our calendars clear and time is abundant.  Even my recently retired father has commented about the fact that his life doesn't seem all that much more free now that he no longer has the obligations of employment (he has since joined search and rescue, and the training for that has been intense, so that may be a part of the issue...). And as the mom of two young children, I know that the years ahead are only going to fill up faster. Ack!

So I'm going to jump back in with Mother's Day.  It was rainy, cool, and wonderful. I was lucky to get to share it with some of my favorite women on the planet - my mother, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. We spent the morning at the tulip fields, then came home for brunch.  We spent time laughing and playing with two very active boys.  I was even given the gift I was hoping for - a clothesline! I couldn't have asked for anything more.

But there's always a little bit of sadness that goes along with Mother's Day.  For the mothers who aren't with us any more.  For those women who want to be mothers, but aren't, for one reason or another.  For all those pains that come when things aren't picture perfect on a day that is supposed to be. People I know are out there hurting. And this Mother's Day adds a little salt to tender wounds.

I know I am blessed.  I try really hard not to forget it.  And with this face staring at me, how could I?