Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A perfect day...

It doesn't happen often.  A day that is absolutely perfect.  But when it does, we have to  take notice.  Sit up and appreciate it.  And never forget.

On the first Saturday of February, we woke up to a beautiful, sunny, morning.  We puttered around, had breakfast, and began to think about the day.  We didn't have any obligations, and decided that we should take advantage of the beautiful weather.  But first, it was time for the gym.  After Zumba and Centergy (a pilates/yoga/stretching class), the boys and I headed home, eager to  figure out the afternoon.  While cleaning up, an idea struck.

The beach.

It had been months since we had been there, the weather was perfect, and there wasn't anything standing in the way (other than the fact that it is almost 2 hours away and it was already 1:00). I tentatively tossed the idea out there, and Dan was kind enough to take it up and agree.  In a quick whirlwind, we rushed around gathering snacks, sand toys, sweatshirts and jackets and boys. We were off.

Arriving at Cannon Beach, we headed straight to the sand.  In the shade of the famous Haystack Rock, we settled in to building our "biggest sand castle ever".  With all four of us working we built tower after tower, dug moats, and found driftwood and other shore treasures for decoration.  The sun was warm on our backs, and soon, shoes and jackets were removed.  It isn't often that we get to enjoy a 57 degree day on the coast in February, and we were taking full advantage of it.

For three hours, we dug, played, laughed.  Waves were chased.  Holes were dug.  Moments of perfection were frozen in our minds. Even when the waves came crashing onto our castle, it only made it more beautiful and mysterious.

We stayed until the sun set.  Buckets and shovels were packed up, sand was dusted off our feet, and we headed to the car.  The boys spent the evening telling us we had just had the best day ever. 

I have to agree.