Friday, August 23, 2013

Ahhh, Summer...

Oh, dear summer, where did you go? 

I head back to work this week, officially ending our Summer 2013.  It's been a good one - lots of sun and water and time with family and friends. In fact, there simply was too much for one post.  But I am going to give a greatest hits list, just so I don't forget all the fabulous things that filled our days.

1. Lots of pool time.  This was the summer that both boys really took off with their swimming, and their favorite place to be was the water park at the athletic club. Dan and I certainly didn't mind the time poolside, either.

2. A daytrip to the beach - bumper cars in Seaside, sand play in Cannon Beach, dinner at Mo's.  Many of our weekends were preplanned, but this was a great spur-of-the-moment trip. 

3. Girls' weekend in San Fransisco - I got the chance to fly down and spend the weekend at a spa and winery celebrating the marriage of my amazing sister in law.  It was a beautiful weekend and some much needed me-time.

4. Rodeos - The boys continue to enjoy a good rodeo, so we hit a couple.  We went to St. Paul and the Deschutes County Fair.  I love seeing my boys enjoy a little of the country life.

5. Family Reunion - My mom's family got together for a great weekend in Central Oregon.  I finally got to meet my cousin's little one, and it is always wonderful to spend time with my aunts and uncles and cousins. We watched my dad ride in the fair parade and played on the party boat down at the lake.  But perhaps my favorite time was hanging out with my great aunt.

6. Max's 8th birthday - What a lucky boy - he got to go to Seattle with his grandparents to watch a Mariner's game, celebrate at the family reunion, and then have a party with 10 friends at the pool.  I can hardly believe he's 8 already, but taking the time to celebrate him is always fun.

7. Soccer - Max is now playing year-round soccer with TFA Barcelona.  On Tuesdays he had summer escola, Thursdays were practice.  They also played in a tournament in July. He is still loving it, and the time at practice gives me plenty of time for reading, and gives Luke and Dan some quality time together at home.

8. Berry picking - The boys and I spent time out at Sauvie Island picking berries and peaches.  Luke was a great helper this year, and we've all enjoyed the raspberry-marionberry and raspberry-peach jam.

9. Backyard camping and campfires - This was one of those things we didn't do nearly enough this summer, but the times we did were sure enjoyable.  Max and Luke even spent the night out alone!

10. Time together - One thing we had plenty of this summer was time together.  The boys and I were together nearly all day every day.  There were plenty of fights, but there was also a lot of lego and soccer and baseball and blocks and playmobil play that happened.  We shared trips to the zoo and OMSI, to parks and playdates with friends.  Dan and I saw John Prine at the zoo and we celebrated our 14th anniversary. The boys went to vacation bible school and we all celebrated the 4th of July with friends. We ate picnics and went to a Portland Thorns game.  And it was all better because we did it together.

It's been a good summer.  Lucky to have it.  Not quite ready to give it up. But for now, I am just remembering to be thankful.