Monday, March 12, 2012

one of those little things I don't want to forget...

I know I've been absent around here, and I hope to remedy that soon.  But just for now, there's a moment I need to capture.  One of those little things I don't want to forget.

Tonight, as the boys and I left the gym, it was pouring outside. Buckets of rain.  And as usual, someone was without a coat.  This time it was the little one.  We stepped out from the covered sidewalk, and he proceeded to let out a squeal.  The older one was standing right next to him, with his jacket and hood on.  Immediately, he tried to figure out how to share his jacket with his little brother - lifting up the side, trying to stretch his hood.  He realized it wasn't going to work.

So he instantly peeled his jacket off, and gave it to his brother.

Helped him guide his little brother's arms into the sleeves, pulled up the hood, and then took off running for the car in only his t-shirt.

And I stood there in awe.