Monday, September 27, 2010

We've got to start somewhere.

So, here it is. A new blog. A fresh start. The chance to come clean.

We're the typical American family with two full-time, working-outside-of-the-home parents of two young children. We own a home in suburbia, have a cat (no dog), and commute 30 minutes to work every day. And like most families out there, things are not adding up.

Our lives feel hopelessly out of balance.

And if the national trend is any indication, it's only going to get worse as our children get older.

I am not ok with that.

So I am putting my foot down. It is time for life to stop living us, and time to make our daily lives reflect our true beliefs. There has got to be a way.

Now, we've just got to find it.

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