Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rodeo Fun...

It's a little funny.  I grew up on 40 acres, with cows, horses, and pigs.  We moved irrigation pipe twice daily in the summers and cleaned stalls in the winter.  My dad does his fair share of hauling hay, and my childhood was filled with playing in ditches and attending 4-H meetings. And as soon as I could, I moved to the city.  My husband also has a small town background, yet we've chosen to live a urban/suburban life. But my boys?  They have a deep LOVE with all things country.

Besides riding the ATVs and feeding animals, one of their favorite things to do is go to the rodeo.  They get all "cowboy-ed up" in their western shirts, boots, and hats, and then prepare to hoot and holler their heads off for a good two hours. Neither really has a favorite event yet - but if pressed, they usually say that the clown is their favorite. But saddle broncs, barrel racing, team roping, it doesn't matter - they love the rodeo.

Last weekend we headed to the Molalla Buckeroo for the Sunday night show.  (We really need to take better advantage of the daytime shows - the 8:00 pm start time is already past when they usually head to bed.  But with a late nap and some kettle corn, they are good to go!) The weather was beautiful, the crowd was great, and there were some fun rides to watch. There were even daredevil riders - acrobats on horseback that ranged in age from 12-18. And afterwards?  Fireworks. 

I never expected my two city boys to be so country at heart, but I'm happy to help them cheer on those bull riders every time. Well, until one of them decides that he wants to take a shot at those magic 8 seconds, that is...

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