Sunday, October 16, 2011


*inspired by amanda at the habit of being...

A pretty close-to-perfect weekend.
A sun-shining, fresh-air breathing break at the beach. 
Time with my parents, alone time with each boy. 
Crab-boat rental that brought us dinner, time to talk, and a picture of my dad against the bright blue sky that will forever be in my head.
Watching the boys play hide and seek with their Papa in the beach grass.
Wandering with my mom in our favorite clothing shop. 
A new mug that reminds me of the beach and my sister.
Chowder and familiar blue tables at a restaurant where I never need to see the menu. 
Dinner with great friends.
Four little boys performing a stirring rendition of "Ghostbusters".
At peace.


  1. Lovely! OH how I need to pay a visit to the beach. It truly does do something for the soul. I sure seems like a perfect weekend to me!

  2. i'd love to be at the beach in fall! love the photos. and chowder - delish!

  3. We were at the beach in June and how I wish I could be there, your photos remind me of relaxing good times :)