Thursday, February 16, 2012

Music in the air...

Quiet time was ending last Saturday, and I heard Dan pick up his guitar upstairs.  I was in the living room, sewing away to the tunes of the Avett Brothers.  I heard the boys heading up to the playroom, and after that, I stopped paying attention for a little while. 

Sew a seam, turn the fabric, sew a seam, turn, sew a seam, turn, sew the final seam.  Cut the threads, set the piece aside.  Begin a new one. I was in a rhythm. All was right in the world.

As I stopped to turn the fabric right side-out, I listened.  Quiet voices, gentle strumming. But lots of strumming. It was time to check things out.

When I got upstairs, this was what I found:

Love the tongue out in utter concentration
It was the best part of the entire week.

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