Friday, August 10, 2012

Family beach trip...

For the last few years we have had the great opportunity to spend time at the beach with Dan's family.  This year was no exception - except the fact that due to his new job, Dan was unable to join us this year.  We had a beautiful rental home just a block off the beach and a block from a playground.  Absolutely perfect location, right?

We spent our mornings slowly waking up, eating breakfast, and then heading down to the beach.  Hours were spent digging in the sand and building fortresses.  Max fell in love with playing in the (very cold Pacific) ocean, jumping and splashing in the waves to his heart's content.  Luke preferred to hang out on the sand, rotating between cuddling with his grandma, playing with kelp that had washed ashore, and splashing around in a bucket of sea water.

Afternoons were spent playing games and coloring, and heading up to the playground.  Max and Grandpa Tom played many games of HORSE and Luke practiced his gymnastics on the monkey bars and hanging rings. Quiet times for everyone were enjoyed with books and naps. Dinners were often in, enjoyed with good conversation.  We did go for our traditional chowder dinner at Mo's, as well. Wrapping up the day with Olympic viewing or reading eased us into the nights. And of course, I always sleep so well at the beach.

 It's this last photo that's my favorite.  My 7 year old, arms outstretched, taking in the sunset, the calm air, the ocean. So filled with the joy and wonder of the moment. In love with the beach.

It's a feeling I know all too well....

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