Thursday, June 20, 2013

Second day of summer

Summer has just begun, and with it I'm going to be dipping my toes back in these waters..It's a space I've missed, but haven't had the attention/intention to support for a while.  But as this rainy June day has called me to the computer and good reading, the desire to write has come also.

There's so much to share.  Maybe later today I'll even tackle the "Trip to Germany" post that needs to happen.  But for now, it's just going to be about this moment.

I know it sounds silly, but today I'm glad for the chilly, rainy day outside.  Summer sun would have called us to active, busy pursuits of swimming and running and gardening.  But instead we are content to spend the day in our pjs and with words and music at hand.

Luke woke up gently to the sound of a hungry belly and the call of wanting to make art.  While I assembled the requested ham and cheese croissant, he pulled out the easel and stamps and paper and set about making cityscapes and dinosaur tales.  All the while he narrated his play with delightful stories, only stopping when a particularly enjoyable song came on and he needed to dance.

Max stayed in bed as late as he ever has, and from the looks of him, he was busy growing during those extra hours.  He looks long and gangly, and so much older all of a sudden.  He cuddled in on the couch with a book and slowly woke to the day.

I have whiled away the morning catching up on an online world of inspiration that I have missed. Words of wisdom, crafts to tackle, pictures of darling children, and the musings of my friends.  It felt luxuriously lazy and like a perfect complement to yesterday's first-day-of-vacation errand running and chore doing. I've got a head full of crafting ideas to tackle and a heart full of words that inspire me to enjoy today.

It's been a lovely morning. 

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