Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer day at the beach...

Summer weekends are precious, and when one magically opens up with nothing on the agenda, you have to take advantage of it.

When Max's soccer tournament got canceled last weekend, we were bummed - for about half of a second. We do love watching him play - but it was going to be a minimum of three games on a weekend when the temperatures were going to be in the upper 90's (a rare occurrence around here).  And having two empty days before us was so exciting. We decided to fill Saturday with a day trip to the beach - slightly cooler temperatures, sand and surf, and maybe some yummy seafood.

We began by driving to Seaside to hit the bumper cars, first.  It had been a couple of years since we had been there, and Max had begged all last summer to go. After the first round, Luke decided he had enough, and he and I watched Max and Dan go another round of bumping and crashing and grinning. Then it was off to sushi and the book store. 

Our favorite place to play on the sand (that's within super close driving distance) is Cannon Beach - it's beautiful, there's lots of space, a bathroom is nearby, and we can always wrap up the day with dinner at Mo's. Even though there were a lot of people there, we had no problem finding a great space to set up camp and begin our afternoon of fun. There was a lot of digging, some sand castle work, some reading (for the parents), and lots of time in the ocean.  This was actually the first time that Luke has ever enjoyed playing in the ocean!  He loved running back and forth with Max and splashing in the waves.  Honestly, the water felt as warm as I ever remember the Oregon coast part of the Pacific feeling.  We got more wet than we expected, but it was nice to be able to play in the water without frozen feet!

Wrapping up with dinner at Mo's and fudge for the drive home, we were all more than a little blissed out.  A summer day at the beach is pretty tough to beat.

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