Friday, January 9, 2015

Five for Friday

Five for Friday

This one loves his cat.  And the cat loves him.  
There's a serious mutual admiration society going on here. It's perfect for those days when they each feel a little neglected.

 These three. The oldest two really dig the little one.  The little one isn't so sure what to think, but he'll come around.

 The smiles. Oh, the smiles.  They kill me.

 Sunshine. This was driving home last week, but we've had several blue sky days lately, and in a Portland January, that's a lovely, lovely thing.

And who doesn't love sleeping ninja baby?

There you have it.  Five recent shots of our daily lives, inspired by my friend Emily. Go check hers out at She's fabulous.


  1. These made me smile and smile!! GORGEOUS snowy mountain road photo, and that ninja pose--- you're killin me, Sam!!!! <3 Thank you, Megan!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the love! Pictures of my "kids", any or all of them, just make my day!!!