Thursday, September 1, 2011

Character is taught at home...

Today I read this wonderful post over at Simple Mom. Boy, did it touch that part of my heart where truth and good and hope live.  As a mama, I often find myself rushing through the day, and thinking, "I'd love to help that person, but my hands are full with the boys." But what the boys see is that we are too busy to help others.  That isn't the message I want to be sending.

I remember being out with my mom and seeing her pick up random litter.  I saw her mom do it, too.  Do I remember times when they didn't?  Nope.  But it certainly made in impression when they went out of their way to take care of a problem that didn't "belong" to them.

So, it's time.  Time to offer that hand, that listening ear, that comfort that someone may need.  Even when my hands are full.  Because someone else's hands are invariably more full. And because, as Shaun said, character is learned on aisle nine.

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