Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our happy place...

The boys and I have been so lucky this summer to find our very own "happy place".  That spot where we can go and play and feel at home out in nature. A place we've returned to so often that we relax the moment we arrive. We sit in the sand, dig big holes, splash in the river. I knit, they scream and splash. Sometimes we meet friends, sometimes it's just the three of us.

On our most recent visit we watched the tiny fry (baby fish) and tadpoles swim in the shallow river's edge.  The time before that, there was a crawfish. There are always geese and ducks and deer.  And if we get there early enough, we have the whole space to ourselves to breathe and listen to the sound of the river. It feels just right.

While we are sad that our summer visits to our happy place are drawing to a close, we are getting excited to see how beautiful the trees look in the fall.  And the boys want to visit in the winter to see what the river looks like then.  And when the mountain snow begins to melt, we can't wait to see what happens to the river banks. Before we know it, we'll be back to summer and our favorite spot.

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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful. This would be my Happy Place too!