Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach week...

For the last two years, we have spent a week at the beginning of August on the beautiful Oregon Coast with my husband's family.  This year we joined his parents, sister, and grandmother at a beautiful rental home just north of Depoe Bay.  It was an amazing place - just a couple blocks from the beach, a park and playground a block away, and plenty of room for everyone.  The goal?  Spending time and relaxing. And, well, mission accomplished!

We followed a pretty predictable routine almost every day there - wake up, go to the playground, have breakfast, go to the beach and dig a big hole, go home and have lunch. This was followed by a few hours of naptime and reading (for both kids and adults).  Of course, then there was another playground or park visit, and the day wrapped up with a yummy dinner and game or puzzle time for the adults, while the boys went to bed. For four days, that was our heaven.  With so many kind adults around, ready and willing to take turns taking the boys to the playground, play card games with them, or read them stories, it was a true vacation for Dan and I. The boys loved time with their family and dug some serious holes.  I read two books. The weather was beautiful and sunny.

Basically, it was perfect.

Side note: While we were there, we accidentally swapped cameras with my sister-in-law - the benefit being that we had her card of images (and she's an amazing photographer!).  So, many of the following pictures were taken by her.  Hope you enjoy!

The little one's fashion choices always make me smile!

It was a DEEP hole!

Uno on the porch

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  1. that last photo of you! And I love the first one. And little Max would be awefully jealous of the rainbow socks... :)