Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brother time...

Some days I would like to sell my children.  Even pay someone to take them. We have more than our fair share of whining, fighting, and the most awful SCREAMING that happens in this house.  I'm afraid to know what the neighbors think...

But most days?  They are really great.  At 3.5 and 6, there is so much they can do without my assistance.  We've had hours upon hours of Legos and car races. Our couches have been transformed into pirate ships, dog kennels, race cars and hospitals. Yesterday they even played together for 2 hours - without me! And yeah, ok, I probably should have intervened when I saw the baby doll had a jump rope tied around it's neck and was being used as "shark bait".  (Moms of boys, I know you know what I'm talking about.) But they were playing together!  On the same team!

And as I looked back through a lot of our summer pictures, I noticed just how many great times there have been like that this summer. We've spent many hours each week just hanging out at home, and they have filled those hours with laughter and imaginary characters.  The dress up box has been well used. I finally figured out that boys don't need Barbies because they have Lego minifigures. And there is always some song being sung, and more often than not, they are even singing it together.

Here are some of those images of daily life from our summer.  And for those of you with little tiny ones, take  heart - your time will come! Because while all this good stuff was going on, I got to be sewing, reading, online, or on the phone.  By myself.

Guitar Concerts

Reading together

Board Games

Reading on the lawn

Art time

Sprinklers and Snacking

Chess time

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  1. I love these glimpses into your life, and really hope they are what I am in store for too (the good AND the bad), LOL!