Monday, April 23, 2012

Mama time...

A couple weeks ago, I got to disappear to the beach with some of my favorite mama friends.  For the third year we rented a little house, made ourselves cozy, and got to the business of nurturing.  Nurturing our friendships, our identities as mamas, our selves. In the way that only midnight talks, gossip mags and plenty of chocolate can do, we healed that part of us that often gets lost in the dishes and laundry and schedules. 

It was simply wonderful. We hiked up a mountain.  We visited the candy store - twice. We walked on the beach. We cuddled the adorable infant that got to come with his mama.  There were bad movies and good advice and fun new shoes.

And another one of those yearly goals has been met!  Thanks, ladies.  So glad to be on this crazy journey with you.

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  1. Trillium!

    How much fun does this look? Of get the oceans and the mountains in OR -- in WI we get the Wisconsin Dells and bars...LOL. Still fun with good company though!