Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent update...

We've been so throughly enjoying every moment of this holiday season that I haven't taken the time to write about it.  So far, the envelopes have been great.  A couple of times we have needed to adjust plans - moving big activities around for weather or to make plans with other people.  The boys have enjoyed the activities without missing any of the "stuff" that accompanies so many advent calendars. With that said, tonight's time for a quick update - what's worked, what hasn't.

1. Dance Party - didn't happen.  Sick mama and oldest kid prevented us boogie-ing down.  Since then we have had several impromptu bursts of Christmas music inspired dancing.

2.Letter to Santa

3. Work on Christmas Cards - the oldest one stuffed the envelopes, and they are in the mail!
4. Get the Christmas Tree
We have a great local tree farm that we love getting to support -  they have amazing trees, and provide the chainsaw, cocoa, chili and candy canes.  There was sunshine, a cold breeze, and good memories.

5. Make a decoration for the house
6. Enjoy a Candy Cane - never a problem!  Yum.

7. Paint Ornaments - We haven't gotten to these yet.  It will be a great project for next week when we are on vacation, though.
8. Make a list of 10 things we are thankful for - This was fun.  We made our lists at dinner time, and some of the highlights were candy canes, paper airplanes, family, fire trucks, chocolate, and the boys' school. 
9. Paint an Ornament for someone else - see #7

10. Share a meal with friends - This was a great get-together, and reminder that there is always  time for friends.  We need to make this happen more often in our non-Advent lives.

11. Go See Santa - The wholehearted belief at this age (3 and 5) is beautiful.  Love watching the innocence and excitement.

12. Drive around and look at Christmas Lights - always a fun way to spend 30 minutes before bed on a Sunday night.  

13. Enjoy a mug of Cocoa - again, a great treat.  
14. Make snowflakes - again, the night got away from us.  I'm learning that craft projects on the weeknights need to be planned for evenings when we are eating leftovers.  We're going to try and get to them tomorrow night, but if not, the weekend will give us time.

So, that's where we are.  Even though it hasn't all gone according to plan, we are enjoying the chance to celebrate the season every day.  And there's a lot more fun ahead!

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