Sunday, December 5, 2010

A fun little decoration...

About a year ago, I stumbled up this tutorial from design sponge. Obviously, it was even old then.  But I filed it away, thinking that the simple nature of it would make a great craft to do with the kids, without it screaming "CHILD CRAFT".  So, when our Advent activity of the day stated we were to create a decoration for the house, I offered the boys a choice - the traditional handprint wreath, or paper ornaments.  Both really wanted to try the paper ornaments -especially if it meant they could use my paper cutter.  I was thrilled too - simple, very little clean-up, and no cost (all supplies on hand). Perfect for a Sunday night while dinner was cooking.

The first thing we did was cut the paper in one inch strips.  Using the paper cutter, which has a very protected blade, both boys were able to do this step - the big one on his own, the little one with just a little assistance moving the paper and applying enough pressure to cut. Once the strips were all cut, I marked the lengths we needed - 1 6", 2 7", 9", and 11" - for a total of 7 strips.  Then each boy took turns choosing the order of the strips for each ornament. I gathered the ends, and they did the stapling.  Ta Da!  Done.  With a little tape and curling ribbon, these are now gracing a window frame.

It was one of those projects I know we will do again.  The ease and ability to be successful appealed to the boys as much as the end result and cost (of both time and materials) appealed to me. Give it a shot - it's a fun one!


  1. Megan - these are gorgeous! I'm going to try them tonight at work :) And probably do them with the kids this weekend. Great idea (and loved the Santa letters, too.)

  2. This has our names written all over it!! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! :)