Saturday, February 5, 2011

A busy week...

So, supposedly this blog is all about our search for balance, right?  Weeks like this last one remind me why that is so important for our family.  Usually we try and limit it to one or two activities a week that take us away from home and each other.  For us, that is the right number. 

This week we had at least one or two things going on every night.  Staff meetings, swim lessons, performances at my school, foundation meetings, Mom's night out, and a birthday party were all on the agenda.  Add to that a sick mama, full days at school and work, and you have a house that feels slightly out of whack.

But the beauty in it?  It really reaffirms how much more we enjoy our lives when we keep things simple.  For a lot of other people, the full evenings and lots of weekend activities add richness and joy to their lives.  But for our little family, we find that too much going on greatly diminishes our ability to enjoy any of it.  When things started piling up around us (laundry that didn't get done, stories that were sped through, dinners that were less than ideal), we hung on, knowing that soon enough we would get back to our normal, calm, quiet life. 

This weekend has brought a return to calm.  We ran our weekly errands this morning, and have tucked in for some knitting/reading/lego-building time. And this next week? We're back to our normal limited schedule. 
I can't wait.

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