Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Spot #5

This was the last week of Project:Simplify.  Instead of a set hot spot to clean out and organize, this week was "free choice". And all week I dithered about which area I should focus on - because, even after 4 weeks, there are still plenty of areas that need some focused attention.  It came down to our closet of disorganized office supplies and photography equipment in the guest room or my bathroom drawers. And with the advice of some wise women, the bathroom drawers were chosen.  After all, I see them every day, their organization can directly impact the quality of my mornings, and focusing a little on myself isn't a bad thing every once in a while.

SO, here's the embarrassing before pictures:
Top Drawer Before

Middle Drawer

Hair "Supplies" Drawer

Under the Sink

Extra Supply Drawer
And here are the afters:
Top Drawer - and yes, I have far more containers of dental floss or chapstick than anyone needs.

Extra Supplies drawer - all samples nice and contained.
Hair supplies drawer

Middle Drawer - nail polish and vitamins/medications

Under the Sink
It's better.  It's a lot better.  There's a kitchen garbage bag full of old bottles of nail polish, product that didn't quite work, and about 20 scrunchies.  And yes, there's still too much there.  But it's a start.

The funny thing?  I figured I would do this "hot spot" tackling once a week for five weeks, and be done. And this week I was sad that it was all going to be over.  I know I'm a little slow, but it wasn't until last night that I realized I didn't have to stop just because the 5 weeks were up.  There really is no reason why I can't keep tackling those hot spots around the house.  Maybe next week will be the guestroom closet. Or the garage.  Or the bookshelves. The list goes on.  But that's ok.  Because right now, I don't have to organize my closet, the boys' room, the craft closet, the file cabinets, or my bathroom drawers. They're already done.


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