Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Simplify, Day 1

Dear Tsh (of Simple Mom and Organized Simplicity fame) -

How could you?  Read my mind, that is.  Of all the places to start focusing on simplification, you had to choose the one area that is causing me the most stress right now. The master bedroom. Seriously, it's a pit. It all started when we emptied out the old entertainment center and had no place to put the drawers of VHS tapes and DVD cases.  Then, those piles just happen to have magnetic qualities for morning clothing rejects. And I just can't get rid of _________, because when I lose that 5 lbs, it will fit better...And, and, and...You get the idea.

I'm full of excuses as to why my room is the mess that it is. But lately I've realized just how much it is dragging me down.  A clean, organized haven?  Sounds dreamy.  So it's time to get rid of the excuses - and the old VHS tapes.  I started last night with my dresser.  There's a new bag of clothes to take to Goodwill and space in the drawers.  Tonight is the stop by IKEA for new wooden hangers (a long-time dream).  I'm trying not to worry that I won't have as many options for what to wear, because the truth is, while there is a lot in there, I don't wear it.  I still have a small rotation.  And if there's space, then maybe there's some room for me finding things that I love.

Here we go!

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  1. Go Megan!!! I will live vicariously through you for the next 30 days and offer my help in any way I can. Then maybe I'll start on my own "hot spots"!