Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goal Check In #1

Well, it's been one month since I set my goals for the year.  In order to help keep myself accountable, I thought I would do a quick check-in here.  So, here we go:

1. Take a photography class
       I started my class on the 18th, but am currently 2 class sessions behind.  It's an online class, so I can get caught up tomorrow afternoon when I have a little time.  So far it hasn't been hugely eye-opening, but I do find myself thinking about things differently when I pick up the camera right now.

2. Exercise at least 2x a week
       This one has been great!  I joined a gym at the beginning of the month, and have gone at least 3 times a week since then, in addition to 1-2 runs a week.  My typical routine right now includes 2 Zumba classes, 1 session of swimming, and light strength training.  The gym has so many great things I want to try that I find myself wishing I could go more often.  

3. Donate blood at least 4 times this year
         It still hasn't been the requisite amount of time since my last donation, so not this month.

4. Have friends over for dinner once a month
         We began the new year having some good friends over for a waffle brunch on New Year's Day.  It was a great time, and the time together is always fabulous.  We've been making plans for our February dinner already, too.

5. A Girls' weekend (or two)
          At our Mom's Night Out last night we began some initial planning!  So excited!
6. Finish Luke's 1st year album
           Haven't touched it yet.  Glad to have it back on my radar, though.
7. Go on a date once a month
           This month we had our super-date of 24 hours alone together.  It was a great way to start the year.  And I have to say - we are SOO very lucky to have two sets of grandparents who are willing to help us make this one a reality.
8. Weekly crafty time with the boys
            We made it 3 out of four weeks.  One week we did playdough sculpting, another was embroidered bookmarks, and the third was simple drawing with daddy time.  We did also make gak (more on that later), and have things prepped for some Valentines work this week.  But, yeah, not as great as I would like.

9. Monthly hikes
             This month we went for a very small hike on our butte (just up the street).  It was rainy, cool, and we couldn't find the geo-cache we were searching for.  Consequently, the boys aren't feeling so hot on my hiking right now.  I did also get to go on a morning hike with a friend last week sans kiddos, and that was a really great time.  This next month I need to find a good waterfall to visit - or hand each boy a camera to energize the trip.

10. Intentional internet time
             And here's the big failure.  I totally blew it.  LOTS of wasted hours just avoiding work. Or sometimes even as a lazy alternative to crafting.  Or as a way to veg during quiet time.  And once again, I have nothing to show for all those hours, and that really bothers me.  This month I am going to try and stay off the computer between the hours of 2:00 and 7:00.  Think I can do it? I'm curious to see just how much i could get done if I can!

So, some great success, and lots of areas to still work on. I'm ready to begin this month with focusing on those areas that were most challenging, and try hard to not let the others drop off. Thanks for all the great cheerleading from so many of you in working towards these goals.  There certainly is something to that public accountability, isn't there?!

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