Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love this face...

Oh, this little one has my heart.  He's also the one most likely to give me a heart attack.

He can touch his tongue to his nose.

When angry, he shoves first, then hangs his head. If you let him, he'll climb into your lap, promptly burst into tears, and tell you just how sorry he is.

He read the word "Adams" on the peanut butter jar today.

He loves his friends, but is often just as happy to play alone.

He's developing a Lego obsession that is all about the minifigures, and not at all about the building.

To this day, he still tells strangers (usually poor teenagers checking at the grocery store) that his cat just died.  Then before they get too sympathetic or feel terribly awkward, I have to add that it was a year and a half ago.

He's silent or screaming.  There's almost no middle ground.

He is the slowest eater on the planet.  He blames the rest of us for distracting him with conversation.

His brother will tell you that he is the funny one.  The rest of us agree.  He helps us not take ourselves too seriously.

He's starting to develop an awareness of others around him, and is working on being more sensitive to their needs and desires.  As long as it's not his brother.

He is the master of dress-up, and even in the coldest of weather wants to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.  He often changes into swim trunks as soon as he gets home from school, just so he can "practice his swimming".

He is a child whose enthusiasm knows no bounds.  He loves deeply, passionately, and feels joy with every fiber of his being.  Subtlety is not in his vocabulary.

He makes every day better. And I love this face.


  1. Seriously? What a wonderful list! And even without the picture, I 'see' so much of YOU in what you describe. What a sweet little boy!

  2. Our boys would be the best of friends, I think. I wish we lived close enough to test that theory. He sounds like an absolute delight to me!