Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random thoughts...

The house is quiet.  Both boys are in bed, Dan's upstairs playing a game on his computer. I'm headed to bed in just a moment to read a cheesy novel.

Right now it's calm, and sometimes it's nice to just sit and enjoy these moments.

But as I sit here, the crazy fears and worries creep in.  The list of things undone.  The scheduling that needs to happen.  The work emails to respond to, lessons to plan, TAG events to organize.  The art project we didn't do, the phone call I should have made. And it all makes the successes of the day disappear.

Maybe this is why I keep the TV on, the feed reader open.  So that it doesn't get too quiet.

I know that dealing with any one of the list would improve my peace of mind. And tonight, blogging was on the to-do list.  So: CHECK. 

And now I have checked and responded to my work emails:CHECK.

And I've sent the email asking for a favor: CHECK.

My brain is starting to slow down.  The panic is subsiding.

Materials are laid out for tomorrow's craft project: CHECK.

I can breathe again.

And the calm feels good.

G'night, all.

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