Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blankness, not to be confused with blankets...

All week long, I've opened this window to write, then felt completely blank.  Nothing to say.  Nothing worth your time to read.  And today, being honest, feels no different.  Life just hasn't been feeling very inspired.

I keep trying to remind myself that there are some days that are just about living our daily lives. A failed snow day and a Lego obsession have blocked my plans for crafting with the kiddos, and cleaning out the freezer made even meal preparation a little boring. The only pictures I've taken were of the mountain at sunset - but they were with my phone while I was at a stoplight, and you can't see the mountain.  All around, life is feeling a little dry.

It's times like these that I am trying to remember my phrase for the year.  I will practice love.  Even if it means that the mama doesn't have anything to blog about because the boys just want to build the nine-millionth Lego structure of the week.  They are happy, so I am trying to step back and just let them go.  I will use that extra time to send an email to a friend, or take care of an extra chore that's been bugging the husband.  And I'll let myself go to bed early just to read - practicing loving myself, after all.

This weekend we are headed to the cabin.  We'll play in the snow and share meals and love the time with my parents. Pictures will be taken, a more vibrant life lived.  And I am convinced that it will sparkle even more because of the ordinary nature of the last few days. And if we're lucky, that light and energy will follow us right into next week.

After all, I've got a quilt to finish, soup to make, bread to knead, and a sweater on the needles.

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