Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Away...

I love long weekends.  Three days actually feels like enough time to get the laundry, shopping, and schoolwork done, and still have time to completely decompress.  We often use them to get out of town - even if only for part of the weekend. This weekend was no exception - we headed to my parents' cabin out in the mountains for a little time away from the city.

Our boys are children of the suburbs.  For most of the week, their outside time is the school playground. For them, these times away are when they are in their true element.  Sledding while it was still cold enough, and riding bikes in the shed when it was raining, they love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. They can dig big holes and go for walks in the forest.  And while the four-wheeler and tractor are favorites, they are just as happy running in the grass and going to check out the pond.

I am so thankful that this is a part of their lives.  I didn't understand, growing up on a small farm, just how rare that space to explore can be.  And dare I say it?  My boys need it far more than I ever wanted it.  We get out there, and their imaginations come alive, their cheeks glow rosy red, and their eyes sparkle. And so we've made it a priority.  Nearly all of our time away from home comes in places where they can roam, explore, and be outside.

This reminder is especially important right now. When the sky is grey and the puddles are deep, it's hard to get out there.  And yes, we are long overdue for a good puddle walk. But now is also the time to plan summer camping trips and weekends at the beach. To make sure the calendar is filled with time like this weekend.

To take that time away...

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