Thursday, January 20, 2011

To the moon....

So, we all know the stories of the young children who are given all sorts of glorious gifts, only to find greater joy with the box or bag that they came in.  When the boys were younger, we certainly experienced it.  But I thought we'd moved on.  After all, there were glorious Legos and keyboards and such.  But, once again, this year another box has stolen the heart of my boys.

This box, though, is no ordinary box.  Through the hard elving work of one Dad and one oldest child, a magic space rocket was created for the little one.  Crafted on a sick day and a morning of errand running, our two space engineers combined boxes, paint, and aluminum foil to create this wonderful play space.  And while the excitement upon the gifting was wonderful, the play that has followed has been even better.

Some days they are astronauts headed to the moon. But, just as often they have been space cowboys, monsters from another planet, dragons searching for a new home, or police officers after the bad guys. This rocket has gone all around the galaxy and held at least one adventure a day for over a month now.

It's so fun to see what a few household supplies and energy can create. . I'm ready to go round up another box just to see what we can build next.  And this time I want in on the fun!


  1. That's amazing! What a great daddy those boys have.

  2. Incredible!!!! I have a box in my garage that has been waiting for inspiration like this. TINFOIL!! That's what I've been needing! Tinfoil is my missing link!

    That is a rocketship after my own heart - we are 'box people' too. Jack had a patio furniture box turned MaryLou's Coffee Shop (it was pink, with a drive thru, just like the real one down the street) and later a street sweeper that we built and then dragged out onto the lawn when Spring came and the real street sweeper came calling. Thanks for bringing back all those wonderful memories for me! And for the inspiration to make some new ones too :)

  3. Even in the "olden days" we loved boxes that became houses and then as they broke down became sleds on stairs and something like a gerbil wheel with us being the gerbils. But never did our boxes get anything more than crayon decorations. I agree with Jess, the boys have a great daddy (and mommy too)! I can hardly wait to see what the next box creation will be.