Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spending time together...

I used to think that a good weekend needed to be full and exciting.  Out and about and on the town - or out of town, for that matter. This was obviously before I had children. 

Now, a weekend is our chance to hunker down, and pull together.  All week long we are off in our separate worlds, living independent lives.  But weekends are our chance to come back to each other.  If we can help it, we try and have at least one day without lots or errands or activities around town. 

Today was one of those days.  We woke up to both boys in our bed, having come in sometime during the night.  Outside it was spitting snow (an unusual event in our mild climate), and we built a fire in the fireplace. We cuddled in a chair and read Owl Moon and The Story of the Snow Children.  A big breakfast of eggs and bacon together at the table was followed by music and dance party while cleaning the kitchen.  Then we settled in.  The oldest child was focused on Legos in a way that only he can.  The youngest child floated for a while, but eventually settled into building train tracks in front of the fire.  Dan set about working on computer "stuff" that he'd wanted to tackle for a while, but hadn't had tome to get into.  And I settled in with a novel and some knitting.  For three hours, we shared the space, some conversation, and the warmth of the fire.

Without anything heavy, without spending a dime, or looking for entertainment, we shared our best time of the week.  It wasn't big or flashy, and when people ask what we did this weekend, there won't be a lot to say.  But that time together was exactly what we needed to reconnect.  Life is better in our world when we get those hours in our weekend.

It's moments like those that will get us through the next 5 days. And I wouldn't trade it for any excitement of those old days.

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